All of our documents and resources are open to the public. Through this, we hope to spread any knowledge that we gain. We realize that there are similar projects to ours taking place all over the world and we are more than happy to openly share our experiences and research. As of February 2009, we are just beginning to organize our documents, so please bear with us in the meantime.

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EWB-UW's uses Scribd to organize our reports and documentation that we wish to make public. We wish to share our documentation with other EWB chapters and groups working in development generally. The general Web site service is Below is the link to our chapter's Scribd Web page:

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EWB-USA's downloads page contains the forms and files needed by the chapter members and project managers in order to complete project work. The member portal link below may require a login.

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BrainReactions & EWB-UW

The report below documents EWB-UW's effort to innovate within our chapter. The ideas expressed here are for trailblazing and guiding our chapter in new efforts to make our work even more beneficial to us and those we serve. This page can be updated if new ideas and themes arise at any time. Please take a moment to review the questions, ideas, and themes of this report of EWB-UW's work with Madison, WI based idea-generating company BrainReactions (,!

BrainStorming Report

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