Free, Educational Materials

EWB-UW Madison creates numerous free, educational materials for our projects every year. We wish to share these materials with everyone. For this reason, we have posted our best materials to this web page. Please take a look below at the materials we use to educate ourselves and our communities. The materials have been sorted alphabetically by project country, and then by educational project.

*Copywrite: All Materials are free and available for distribution. All Materials Are Original Creations of EWB-UW. Please Appropriately Cite Our Content.*


The EWB-UW Madison Student Chapter Handbook

The Handbook


El Salvador

Kid's Outreach

Spanish Health Coloring Book




Educational Packet

High School Level Packet

University Level Packet

Directions for Obtaining Hard Copies of EWB-UW Educational Packets

BioSand Filter

Step-by-Step BioSand Filter Construction Guide


Kinyarwanda Dictionary